Reduce absenteeism by 2 days per employee, per year with corporate health solutions! 

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“Signature was an integral part of LinkedIn Canada‘s Health and Wellness program! We were looking to make some necessary adjustments to the program so we brought in Signature to talk to the group and shed light on changes we could make. Her knowledge, passion and ability to diagnose our needs was instrumental in helping us implement an in-house boot camp program that has been very well adopted and extremely successful.” – Account Executive, Linkedin

“Trialto Wine Group has benefited tremendously from working with Signature.  They take a very personal interest in the health and well-being of our staff.  Their presentations and back-up information are tailored to our needs and very well presented.  I recommend Signature to any company looking to improve the health and wellness of their organization.” – Vice President, Trialto Wine Group

“Signature provided our Architectural Firm with monthly employee wellness activities.  Together, with the input of the staff through their diagnostic tool, we were able to customize a program. I highly recommend these programs to any company who wants to increase employee morale and productivity! -Associate, ZAS Architects

“Signature led a Posture & Ergonomics Workshop for the staff at tbk Creative. They are extremely knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator. I would recommend this workshop to other companies.” – President, tbk Creative

“Signature facilitated a Lunch & Learn session at my organization on nutrition and well being. They were well prepared and exceptionally knowledgeable about proper nutrition.  Their interactive skills engaged the entire group and drew out even the “quieter” participants. Feedback indicated that the group wanted to hear more from Signature!” – Performance Support Specialist, Enbridge


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