What is Viridescent? 

The word “viridescent”, pronounced “vera-descent”, means “greenish, or becoming green”.  We believe that having a healthy lifestyle requires a balance between the “the fast food fanatic” and the “yo-yo gym goer”.  We recognize the pressure put on society to eat this and exercise like that.  Viridescent says: Be Greenish and live with balance.  By affiliating with like-minded businesses and service professionals Viridescent promotes balance at the workplace and in your lifestyle.

How was Viridescent born?

After 12 years of personal training, four years of therapeutic care and corporate wellness, the founder Jenna Brooks, had built a wellness network.  In 2014 Jenna Brooks incorporated Viridescent Ltd to act as a Wellness Brokerage, bringing you credible wellness.  Viridescent specializes in developing and facilitating Corporate Programs while outsourcing to credible service professionals in the wellness industry.

Why use Viridescent? 

Everyone knows investing in the health of people will have a large impact on the bottom line of an organization.  Viridescent removes all the obstacles from making that happen!  Our Corporate Health Programs are tailored to the health and vision of the organization.   Utilizing a customized diagnostic tool, we map out the perfect balance of health to increase productivity and mitigate risk in the workplace.  Use the tool to help build healthier workplaces!

Connect with Viridescent today to learn how you can live a greenish lifestyle.

Some of our valued clients!


Dear Viridescent, I wanted to thank you for taking the time share your presentation with our Team. Your knowledge and passion around health and wellness is evident!  You were able to keep it engaging and informative and so many of us learned something new about identifying and managing stress. Investing in our employees is a priority and I several people stepped forward requesting more.  That is meaningful because increased health is directly related to increased productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Thanks again!” – Carey Brooks, General Manager, CIBC

“Trialto Wine Group has benefited tremendously from working with Viridescent.  She has taken a very personal interest in the health and well-being of our staff.  Her presentations and back-up information are tailored to our needs and very well presented.  I would recommend Viridescent to any company looking to improve the health and wellness of their organization.” – Richard Dittmar, Vice President, Trialto Wine Group

“Viridescent provided our Architectural Firm with a Posture and Ergonomics Workshop in May of 2015.  The staff found the information and presentation very informative.  Viridescent had spoken with us several times on rolling out a wellness program for the year and we were unsure at first.  After several months of back and forth we decided to give it a go.  Together, with the input of the staff through their diagnostic tool, we were able to customize a program for 2016. Our first workshop was a huge success and we are thrilled to continue with this initiative! I highly recommend these programs to any company who wants to increase employee morale and productivity! ” – Jeff Tremblett, Associate, ZAS Architects

“Viridescent led a Posture & Ergonomics Workshop for the staff at tbk Creative. They are extremely knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator. I would recommend this workshop to other companies.” – Andrew Schiestel, President, tbk Creative

“Viridescent recently spoke at a Lunch & Learn session at my organization on nutrition and well being. They were well prepared and exceptionally knowledgeable about proper nutrition. Their interactive skills engaged the entire group and drew out even the “quieter” participants. Feedback indicated that the group wanted to hear more from Viridescent!” – Lynn Aston, Performance Support Specialist, Enbridge

“Viridescent was an integral part of LinkedIn Canada’s new Health and Wellness program! We were looking to make some necessary adjustments to the program so we brought in Viridescent to talk to the group and shed light on changes we could make. Their knowledge, passion and ability to diagnose our needs was instrumental in helping us implement an in-house boot camp program that has been very well adopted and extremely successful so far!” – Daniel Toth, Account Executive, Linkedin