The Truth About Flexibility

What does “Flexibility” mean to you? Is it touching your toes? Doing the splits? Or is it just moving?

Over the past 10 years I’ve come across countless people who say they want to be flexible.  But what does that really mean? Despite the satisfaction one can achieve when being incredibly flexible, there is one fabulous reason to be so: the ability to move without pain!  It’s not gender or age specific.  If we are inflexible we can experience a lot of symptoms like headaches, joint pain and the inability to surpass plateaus in a workout.  So I’m going to breakdown flexibility and keep it simple for you.
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What Do You Believe?

Your heart is pounding. Palms are sweating. Your head feels dizzy and you can’t focus. What are you experiencing? How are your shoulders… are they tight? Headache? Upset stomach? STRESS. It sure is nasty! It causes heart disease, heart attacks, panic attacks and the list goes on! How many times have you gone to the doctor because you’re feeling a pain or discomfort and the doc says, “you must be stressed”?!? Continue reading “What Do You Believe?”

Six Common Gym Mistakes that Hinder Results

Have you been working you butt off for years only to have your butt not come off? Then these six mistakes may apply to you.

Having been in the fitness industry for over a decade, I have seen hundreds of people fail to achieve the results they are looking for because they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. If you’ve been training for years and still look and/or feel the same, you’re most likely one of these people. Avoid these six common mistakes and you’ll see more results in the next month then you’ve seen in the last year.
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