The “Awareness Project 2018”

Our Mission: To provide students and parents with coping mechanisms to ease a variety of mental health imbalances. 


  • Group Talks on; bullying, anxiety and depression.
  • Focus groups: building mind and body awareness through meditation, movement and breath.  Finding focus and relief through art and music therapy.
  • Continued Learning: a progressive curriculum with quantifiable data demonstrating efficacy.

Our Vision: To cultivate behaviour change resulting in better attendance, cognitive function and social awareness.  To deploy “Awareness Learning” in the curriculum.

Current Clients and Advocates (to name a few): for specific services

  • Bruce Trail Public School – Milton
  • Dan McGann Therapy – Credit Valley Hospital Group
  • Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Clinic, Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness of  William Health System – Brampton
  • Iroquois Ridge High School Parent Engagement Group – Stress Reduction for You and Your Teen