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A two-year study by SunLife Financial and Western University concluded organizations with highly effective health and productivity programs report the following per employee, per year:

11% higher revenue

1.8 fewer sick days

28% greater shareholder returns

With 61% of employees burning out on the job, we have to ask the big question – where do we want to see our organization?


With our signature diagnostic tool we will assess the needs and wants of your staff and organization!  Learn more. 

Do you want to focus on corporate culture and morale? Companies like LinkedIn and Google invest thousands to create a fun, enjoyable working environment.  Companies are reporting a significant reduction in sick time and absenteeism.  Food for thought: What’s your average salary per annum, divided by ~ 262 working days per year, multiplied by the number of employees? 

Make the difference by customizing your perfect corporate health solution.


Formats                                                                                          Services & Topics

Annual & Monthly Programs                                             Stress Management

Mental & Physical Bootcamps                                          Productivity & Focus

Health Fairs & Retreats                                                          Repetitive Strain & Posture

Workshops, Lunch & Learns                                             Yoga & Meditation

Break-out Sessions                                                                 “Awareness Learning”

Group & Individual Coaching                                               Group Fitness

Online Programming                                                              Nutrition & Intolerances

Workstation Assessments                                                  Office Ergonomics

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