What Do You Believe?

Your heart is pounding. Palms are sweating. Your head feels dizzy and you can’t focus. What are you experiencing? How are your shoulders… are they tight? Headache? Upset stomach? STRESS. It sure is nasty! It causes heart disease, heart attacks, panic attacks and the list goes on! How many times have you gone to the doctor because you’re feeling a pain or discomfort and the doc says, “you must be stressed”?!?

We wake up to our alarm clock and hit snooze three times because we’ve set the alarm 20 minutes early to afford those extra zzz’s. We peel ourselves out of bed to slouch our way in to the kitchen to make that first cup of coffee. Drip. Drip. Goodness it smells good. We’re starting to think about everything that we need get done that day. Of course the phone is already in hand and we’ve checked email and facebook. Mmmm that first sip of coffee. Our taste buds dance as we begin to tax our adrenal glads and prepared for our day. Your digestion begins to chug like an old diesel engine. I can’t believe Suzie posted that this morning! Like really? As if she went there with him. Shower time. The steam is invigorating. Ah you love that body wash. But look at these legs, I need to work out. I hate them. So if the proposal has to be on his desk at 10 then I need to be at the office for 8:30. Oh crap, I have 45 minutes. My back hurts. Coffee. I’m still so mad at Vivian. I can’t believe she said that to me.

Sound familiar? With everything today so accessible, we have this deep urge to get everything done RIGHT NOW and faster than the next person. Even the way we think. We inevitably create this whirl wind around us causing an imbalance in our hormones. Our expectations of who we are and what we think follows that same destructive pattern of emotional response, rather than a logical one. We chalk up so many of our symptoms to “stress”. But what is STRESS actually? It’s a word, not a real thing right? You can’t physically have a being inside of you named Stress, but rather we name the symptoms we experience as Stress. We experience stressors on a daily basis (How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek changed my life!) BUT this IDEA that “Stress” is bad is just that… and IDEA or label, an association to a feeling. The more I read and immerse myself into cognitive behavior the more I appreciate our belief systems. You know the saying, “You are what you eat”? I’d like to say “You are what you think”. If you believe you’re stressed, you will be! If you are constantly walking around thinking about what Suzie did or did not do, how this person made you feel and drinking boat loads of coffee without consuming nutrients… you are going to feel frazzled!

Just like everything I preach… it’s all about balance and managing expectations. This is a life long practice. Each day we are faced with people and experiences we wish were different. We have expectations that are not met and feel this emotional response that pulls us in to this destructive pattern of negative thought. Then our stomach hurts, we grab our neck and the advil. I was like this for years! On and off, we all have good and bad days. BUT what if we look at Stress differently? What if we BELIEVE and think of it differently? Think of a time you were so excited. You’re about to go on a trip or meet up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time and you’re so joyful. Is your heart pounding? Palms sweating? Feeling anxious and may even have a hard time sleeping? These are the same emotions that are so easily associated with negative stress! Our belief systems, we’ve been conditioned that Stress is bad. But if we were to change our association to the symptoms to a positive one? Those feelings are our body preparing for action, to get ready for something incredible! More oxygen is circulating around our body and we are alive!!!! This is GOOD!

Pyschologist Kelly McGonigal nails it on the head! I urge you, the next time you feel those symptoms and are inclined to think negatively about them, remember this article, this video and change that association to a positive one. New Mindset ->New Results #beliefsystems

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