Secret’s Out! The 101 to building your own exercise program. 

Do you go to the gym? Follow a workout routine? How do you know which exercises to do, in which order? Here are the steps to making your exercise routine the most effective possible!

Training Variables

Think of a cake recipe; the order in which you add the ingredients, how fast you mix them etc. These variables matter! If you want a different kind of cake, you change what you put in.

  1. Choice of Exercise
  2. Order of Exercises
  3. Repetition of Exercises
  4. Number of Sets per Exercise
  5. Rest periods
  6. Tempo
  7. Form
  8. Frequency of workout

Depending on what results you are looking for, you change the variables. Before I go any further, I must say, you should always get a consultation done by someone who can assess your biomechanics. I can create the perfect program, but if you have certain muscles that are not firing well, the program won’t produce your expected results. Manage your expectations 🙂

Basic Rules to follow:
  1. Largest muscles first. You want to provide these muscles with the most amount of energy you can. You only have so much energy to work with. Once you exhaust that energy you tap into the stored energy and will basically burn out your muscles. This is counter productive and why over-training is discouraged
  2. High intensity exercises first. If you like plyometrics, do these first. Jump squats, jump lunges etc require a lot of energy.
  3. Full body, compound (multi-joint) exercises to single-joint, isolation exercises.

Tip: Muscle controls your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. 1 pound of muscle takes up 1/3 the space compared to muscle.

Phases of Training: Prevent the plateau. Depending on your goals, these phases and your variables change. Actions in to get a result out. Remember, I’m not saying this is the only way, just what I have found to be successful.

  1. Foundation/Neuro-association/Adaptation: Get your brain to talk to you ALL your muscles. This is the phase where you increase your mobility through corrective exercise. Iron out the imbalances.
  2. Build Muscle/Hypertrophy: Increase the amount of muscle on your body. Increase your metabolism big time here and watch your body get smaller.
  3. Condition/Tone: Now that you have the muscle you increase the intensity to condition, tone and build your endurance.
  4. Strength: Full body, compound exercises with heavy load. Long rest times and large sets.

Sample Program Outline: Depending where you are in your phases of training

  1. Cardio Warm Up: 5-7 mins
  2. Dynamic (through movement) Stretches
  3. Corrective Exercises (get all your muscles firing)
  4. Plyos/High Intensity Exercises
  5. Compound Exercises
  6. Isolation Exercises
  7. Static Stretching

If you’d like specific recommendations email me!

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